New year, new challenge

Clara Cherfils

( Marathon 2019 | Member of team: Origem )

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Although I have never done any running competition before, running a marathon has always been in the back of my head. As a resolution of 2019, I have decided to take on this new challenge; running the Rotterdam full marathon on April 7th. I find it even more meaningful and rewarding to run for charity and support a just cause: Raising funds to help students benefit from scholarships and get access to quality education at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Physically and (hopefully) mentally ready, I am using this page to give potential donors the possibility to support and contribute to this great cause.  



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09-04-2019 | 14:47 Well done Alex/ Clara!
05-04-2019 | 07:52 Go Claraaaa! Awesome you're doing this for charity!
05-04-2019 | 01:34
31-03-2019 | 23:54
27-03-2019 | 18:30