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Lisa Lambertz

( 1/4 Marathon 2019 )

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By participating in the Erasmus Charity Run, I want to give students from all over the world an opportunity to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. But I can do this with your help only!  Let's throw some money together (5€ per person is already enough!!) to finance as many student scholarships as possible and make education accessible for more young people!  

Dieses Jahr nehme ich am Erasmus Charity Run teil, um Studenten aus anderen Ländern die Möglichkeit zu geben an der Erasmus Universität in Rotterdam zu studieren. Dieses Ziel kann ich allerdings nur mit eurer Hilfe verwirklichen! Lasst uns etwas Geld zusammen schmeißen, (5€ pro Person sind vollkommen ausreichend!) um Bildung für mehr junge Menschen zugänglich zu machen! 

Promote this page with a cool poster. You can determine the text yourself and then print the poster and put it up anywhere. Anyone can make a poster of this page, including friends, family, colleagues, people from your sports team or classmates. Put the poster up in a supermarket, behind the window at shops, at companies or at school. Putting up a poster is often no problem if you ask nicely and explain what it is for.

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