From Zero to Hero

Martina Pocchiari

( 1/4 Marathon 2022 )

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A journey through self-improvement, self-discovery, better health, and raising funds :)


Milestones of the journey so far:

  • First run: January 1st 2020 -- 1K in 07:51
  • First 5K: February 14th 2020 -- 5K in 36:48

March 2020: oh no! Society collapsed. My training stopped for almost 4 months

  • First run (again): August 1st 2020, 8 months after my first run ever -- 3K in 22:06
  • March 2021: started training with guided runs. While previously I had to stop and rest mid-run (every 15 minutes or so), I could finally run without breaks for entire training sessions! I discovered I was training all wrong: I used too much speed in the first mile and did not manage my energy reserves properly -- of course, I was tapped out after 10 minutes.

    All the following training runs are without any mid-run break, and a proper warm-up period (the first 2K at 4/10 effort).
  • First 7K: June 5th 2021 -- 7K in 1:00:42
  • First 8K: June 12th 2021 -- 8K in 1:09:53
  • First 10K! June 19th 2021 -- 10K in 1:25:47
    This one felt amazing, but I only have 1:20:00 to complete 10.2K on race day.
    Time to work on speed.
  • First speed training: June 27th 2021
  • First speed + endurance training: September 19th 2021
  • Last 10K before race day: October 16th 2021

    11K in 1:20:40

    Speed training worked! :)


Now time for the race!

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