let's run and lets make it count

Sofia St-Pierre

( 1/4 Marathon 2020 )

from €40 (25%)

Unfortunately, studying in the Erasmus University of Rotterdam is a privilege that many cannot afford. With the rising costs of university degrees, it is becoming critical for students coming from low-income backgrounds to obtain scholarships to pursue their dreams. The Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation has issued various studies showing the correlation between dropout rates of students with unmet need versus students with no unmet need. Too many alumni are not able to finish their studies due to financial constraints and this is why I am running in the Erasmus Charity Marathon. 


When a student with low-income is accepted to the Erasmus University, more often than not they will have to balance their studies with a part time job. The time and energy invested in the job is necessary for the student to remain in the university, however, it is time and energy lost to other opportunities. Those students no longer have the time to join student associations, registered university organisations or sports teams. Students that understand the struggle and the value of the money they earn are also more aware of the chance they are given to be studying. Therefore, it is safe to say that intrinsic motivation to excel academically is higher for students fighting for a scholarship. 


This April, I am hoping to raise a minimum of 40 for students in need of financial support. In the Erasmus University, we are a community here to help each other achieve our goals and biggest dream. I hope with these words I have convinced you to be a part of the journey of future students, who are ready to make a change for the better. 

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