Running for scholarships

Tamara Gerhardt

( 1/4 Marathon 2022 )

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I am running a 1/4 marathon at #demooiste in April 2022 to collect donations for those who are otherwise not able to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Everyone should have the chance to study. Together we can make this dream come true!


Ich laufe beim diesjährigen Rotterdam Marathon #demooiste einen Viertelmarathon mit, um Spenden für diejenigen zu sammeln, die anderenfalls nicht an der Erasmus Universität Rotterdam studieren können. 

Jeder sollte die Chance auf Bildung haben. Gemeinsam können wir diesen Traum wahr werden zu lassen! 

Promote this page with a cool poster. You can determine the text yourself and then print the poster and put it up anywhere. Anyone can make a poster of this page, including friends, family, colleagues, people from your sports team or classmates. Put the poster up in a supermarket, behind the window at shops, at companies or at school. Putting up a poster is often no problem if you ask nicely and explain what it is for.

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