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AnaCinthya Uribe Sandoval

( 1/4 Marathon 2022 )

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So... this is the last week before the Marathon and I haven't really trained. But I do believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to study and develop. All the money that the Erasmus Charity Run collects goes to give talented students a unique opportunity. I need to collect at least 40 euros for the cause. What about you collaborate and I promise I will finish the 10 km - even if walking? Terrible selfies of me probably wet from the rain and very red for the exercise will become available also :). Are you in?

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08-04-2022 | 22:37 That's 200, now go get 'em!
06-04-2022 | 21:07 Great initiative, Ana! Very motivating!!!
05-04-2022 | 20:17 Happy to contribute! Good luck! Know you’ll do great even if you get red ;) haha xx
05-04-2022 | 19:56 Glad to support a frontrunner like Ana in pushing herself for a great cause 💙
05-04-2022 | 09:30