Will you help me raise money for scholarships at Erasmus University?

Bharat Kumaraswami

( 1/4 marathon 2023 | Member of team: EUR and CAR Alumni Relations Team )

from €900 (112%)

I am raising money for scholarships for future international students who otherwise do not have the financial resources to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

A scholarship for one student costs € 15,000.00 for 1 year. By raising money at the Erasmus Charity Run, I, together with you make their dreams come true by donating money. Next to that, we invest in their future education and development, a great cause, and almost no better contribution to society!

According to Strava - my estimated best effort for a 10Km run is 55 minutes 8 seconds.

If you help me hit my goal of 350✓700✓900 I will aspire to finish the 10.55 Kms in 51 minutes which means (on average) I have to shave off at least 25-40 seconds per kilometer!

I'm up for the challenge if you're willing to donate!

Every cent counts!

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16-04-2023 | 14:43 Great effort by Bharat Kumaraswami. running in support of an excellent course!
12-04-2023 | 08:51
27-03-2023 | 20:53
10-03-2023 | 14:27
07-03-2023 | 21:34