Mummy's running a marathon

Satya Autar

( Marathon 2023 )

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Mummy's running a marathon


One step at a time. That’s what I tell my little girls when they are struggling to reach their goals. It's also what I told myself after I failed my exams in high schools, when I was looking for a job during a period of recession and when I was in labour with my girls.


And I’m pretty sure I’ll be telling myself the same thing when I’m trying to finish 42.195 km – a full marathon.


I have committed myself to run the NN Rotterdam Marathon for the Erasmus Charity Run on 16 April 2023. It’s not just for me.


Each step is to help a young bright mind with great potential to get a scholarship and the opportunity to study at Erasmus University, and I need your help to raise funds by sponsoring me.

You might wonder why. I’ll tell you about me – that will help to connect the dots.


  • I am Satya Autar, mother to three-year old Julia and one-year old Donna. Julia has done her first 1 km race and now always asks me to run with her after my 30km training sessions on Sundays. You could say she’s always pushing me to do one more step…


  • I’m the wife of Jochem, the best spouse anyone could wish for. He'll show you! He’s running the marathon with me.


  • I'm the daughter of hardworking parents who took on multiple jobs to make sure I could get the education I wanted. And I did: I studied at university. You could say I’m hoping someone will be able to follow in my shoes after my marathon for the Erasmus Charity Run.


  • I’m Employer Relations Manager, meaning that I create career opportunities for students studying at Rotterdam School of Management, the business school of Erasmus University. Every day, I tell employers that they should work more with our students and hire them for jobs and internships. I’m pleased to say that they do!


  • And I’m obviously a running addict!


My background, my passions and my supportive family all urge me to do more for myself. I believe it’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, to get to know yourself better and to work on making your dreams come true.


Struggling is temporary, finishing is forever.

But I’m not doing more just for me. I’m doing it to give someone else the education they deserve, just like my parents did for me.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.


So here I am.

Committing to take one step at a time for five and a half hours to give someone a fabulous career start they otherwise wouldn’t have had and in doing so, I can do my part and change the world a little bit.


Will you help me?

Donate now and let’s change the world together!


One euro at a time.


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