Run away from privilege

Richa George

( 1/4 Marathon 2019 | Lid van team: Run away from Privilege )

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Fitness shouldn't be aspirational.

I’ve never attempted to compete or participate (not since school) in an activity that requires challenging my body and mind to ignore the pain building in my lungs and legs and push forward. This may seem a trivial cause for most of us, but if I spot those lucky ones out there who don’t believe they’re athletic enough to ever be good at or even play a sport, a big shout out to my kindred spirits! 

This run also aspires to raise money to benefit the Erasmus University Scholarship Funding - empowering deserving students around the world to fulfill their academic goals. After paying through my nose for my Masters because being Indian meant competing on a stratospheric level to qualify for a scholarship in my own country, I value the spirit and effort of this run to make tertiary education less aspirational and more achievable for thousands of students.

If you’re feeling kind today, do donate. Most importantly, we are all where we are because someone or something helped pave our paths a bit. All I ask, is that we recognise that privilege and pay it forward, instead of running away from it. 

See you on the other side of the finish line!
(If I make it)

Breng deze pagina extra onder de aandacht met een gave poster. Je kunt zelf de tekst bepalen en de poster vervolgens printen en overal ophangen. Iedereen kan een poster maken van deze pagina, dus ook vrienden, familie, collega's, de mensen uit je sportteam of klasgenoten. Hang de poster op in de supermarkt, bij winkels achter het raam, bij bedrijven of op school. Als je het vriendelijk vraagt en uitlegt waarvoor het is, dan is het ophangen van een poster vaak geen probleem.