Your own fundraising page

Your own fundraising page

To raise funds, you'll be using your personal fundraising page or a team fundraising page on Once you've registered for the Erasmus Charity Run 1/4 marathon or the full marathon, we'll create a fundraising page for you.

You will use this action page to raise funds for talented scholarship students who aspire to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. You can personalize the page as you see fit. Tell your story: Explain why you're participating in this charity run and why you're supporting scholarship students. A personal narrative can motivate people.

You can also upload your photo and your story to personalize your fundraising page, ensuring that your friends, family, and acquaintances know they've found your page. After setting up your fundraising page, you can inspire friends and family to donate. Send personal messages, share on social media, provide regular updates, and thank your sponsors.

How to customize your fundraising page?

To add your personal story, photos, and videos, log in on the top right corner of the site. You'll enter the dashboard where you can manage your action page. Then, choose 'Media' from the 'Action' menu to add photos and videos. You can also modify the default text to include your own story.

Minimum fundraising amount 

The minimum amount you need to raise for the Erasmus Charity Run 2024 is € 40.00. If you raise € 15.00 or more by March, 14, 2024 you will receive the unique lustrum running shirt.