Amirtya Soerakoesoemah

( 1/4 Marathon 2019 )

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Sports is, and always will be, my passion. It is from sports where I learn most about life: Hardwork, dedication, and helping each other out to reach the same goal. To be a team.

Although running is an individual sport, it doesnt mean you cant bring anyone to do finish line. We can always share the victory together. Even though there are people who cant run with us, we can atleast run for them. I want to make this run an achievement not just for me, but for everyone else.

For this year's Erasmus Charity Run, I will be running for a purpose. My mission is to help fund the scholarship for students who will be studying at Erasmus University in the future. I donated my money and will also run my personal best 10k in honor of them. But I cant do it alone. With your donation, we together will help these students study at our prestigious university. 

So join me, and we will finish the race together. We are going to make someone's dream come true.


Amirtya Soerakoesoemah

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10-04-2019 | 08:26
06-04-2019 | 22:35
05-04-2019 | 22:52 I was inspired by his remarks on his motivation to run not only for himself, but for the community in need. Amirtya is and always will be a true inspiration for his colleagues. I wish him the best of luck, and go get that personal best!
29-03-2019 | 18:05