Run with Purpose: Fueling Erasmus Dreams with Every Step

Anca Moldovan

( 1/4 marathon 2024 )

from €200 (75%)

Hey there

Having experienced the transformative impact of an Erasmus scholarship firsthand, I'm lacing up my running shoes for a quarter marathon to pay it forward.

Six months in Valencia reshaped my student life, instilling confidence and motivation that laid the foundation for who I am today.

Join me in supporting Erasmus Charity, empowering students to discover their potential and embark on life-changing journeys. Your donation isn't just a contribution; it's an investment in futures filled with possibility. Let's make a lasting impact together!

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14-04-2024 | 19:59 Well Done Anca! From the Barnabys
09-04-2024 | 09:19
05-04-2024 | 07:26
25-03-2024 | 21:56 Because Anca made use of the text 'Science is sexy' that I came up with as the EUR brand manager and former organizer of the Erasmus Charity Run. Happy Run Anca!
14-03-2024 | 09:32