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Hello! I am raising funds for scholarships awarded to talented international students who aspire to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam but lack the financial means to fulfill this dream.

As you may know, international students need to fulfill different requirements than students from European Union to start their studies. Initially, there is the higher tuition fee; for almost all bachelor or master programme's, international students have to pay a higher (sometimes drastically) tuition fee to be enrolled. More importantly, in order to receive a student visa and start their studies, international students have to show a statement that they are financially able to cover their costs for a year. This amount translates into something between €11,000-€12,000 for a year. 

As you can tell, this is an enormous amount for most international students. It is quite unrealistic to think that an average student coming outside Europe would be able to save up that much money in the local currency that is likely to be less valuable than euro. What students from EU able to do is to start their education with much less savings and financial support from their families, and then get into a side job to cover daily costs and rent. However, this requirement eliminates this possibility for internationals.

This limits the potential of numerous talented students all around the world just because of their nationality. I unfortunately know many students who had to give up on their dreams and passions of studying in Erasmus University. They all had the desire, passion, and the necessary qualification to study in the Netherlands; but not the financial means. It also limits the potential of Erasmus University; we are missing many talented individuals with diverse skills and unique perspectives to be part of our learning environment.

If this makes you think about how to do something, that's where the Erasmus Charity Run comes in. The aim is to raise donations to cover as many talented and promising international students as possible with scholarships. A scholarship for one student costs €15,000 per year. You and I can make their dreams come true by raising money through the Erasmus Charity Run. This way, we are investing in their future education and development, which is a great cause and one of the most meaningful contributions to society.

Do you also want to contribute to this cause? Donate now - every little counts! 🤝💕

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24-03-2024 | 10:54 I was also an international student who received a generous scholarship, without which I would not be able to study in the EUR.
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