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Bharat Kumaraswami

( Marathon 2024 | Member of team: RSM - Running for Positive Societal Impact )

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In 2023, together with a number of family, friends and colleagues, I was able to raise over €1000 towards scholarships for international students at Erasmus University Rotterdam. As part of this goal, I also promised that if I raised over €900, I would run the 1/4 marathon in 54 minutes. I ended up completing the 10K in 51 minutes and was thrilled that I was going to finish well within my time goal. Just as I crossed the 10K mark, I developed cramps and had to hobble my way across the Coolsingel and eventually finished in 54 minutes and 20 seconds. 

This year, I'm taking a huge leap and will run the full marathon! Yes, I want to run the 42.195 km. Never done it before - in fact the max I've ever run is about 15K. I have no time goal but would just like to finish. I've been following a Marathon training plan since the end of December and am optimistic about my chances of finishing. 

If you're still reading, I would really appreciate any contribution - small or big. I know there are a lot of charities around the world doing great work - especially given the time that we live in - but I promise that I will pass on the goodwill by donating 50% of the total funds I receive to another charity from my own money. So far, the charities I'm thinking of donating to are the World Food Programme (particularly to children affected by ongoing wars), charities rehabilitating families affected by war, the rodekruis/red crescent and I'm always open to more suggestions (let me know in the comments if you have one).

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13-04-2024 | 17:53 You got this!! Best of luck!
22-03-2024 | 14:06 Go Bharat! Go Bharat! :)
19-03-2024 | 10:42
12-03-2024 | 14:54 Happy to help for a good cause!! All the best Bharat!!
06-03-2024 | 12:49