Help me reach 500€ and I’ll run the marathon in my sandals

Ignacio Quesada

( Marathon 2024 | Member of team: EUR Roadrunners )

from €500 (84%)

I'm fundraising to support talented international students who aspire to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam but face financial barriers.

Running a marathon is a test of endurance, but it's nothing compared to the uphill battle many students face in pursuing higher education. Yet, with your help, we can level the playing field. Your donation, no matter the size, empowers these bright minds to chase their dreams and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Will you stand with me in breaking down barriers and opening doors to opportunity? Your support can change lives. Click 'Donate Now' and join me on this meaningful journey!

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14-03-2024 | 14:51 Im a marathon runner and a fundraiser for a ong Mision Caritas Felices in Peru. I love when young people raise funds for s good cause. And my son studied in Erasmus. Thanks!
13-03-2024 | 11:48 I think it is a good cause and an inspiration for other people to follow Ignacio’s action.
08-03-2024 | 15:36 Porque es una buena causa y es el hijo de una amiga muy querida
06-03-2024 | 22:48
06-03-2024 | 17:47 Lekker!