Let's support future scholarship students together!

Katerina Krouská

( 1/4 marathon 2024 | Member of team: Erasmus Trustfonds )

from €40 (225%)

Hello, I am Katerina and I am a scholarship holder for the year 2023/24. 

Receiving this scholarship brought me to the Netherlands and opened me several opportunities which I would otherwise never dreamt of. Let's please help together other students to fulfil their potential and dreams!

As you probably are aware of, studying abroad is a very expensive thing to do. I am running the Erasmus Charity Run to show big thanks to this society but most importantly to encourage others to help as well. Because it truly changes lifes, just like it changed mine.

Would you like to do it with me? You can make a donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button!

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12-04-2024 | 18:57 Go Katerina go!
08-04-2024 | 14:40 Good luck Katerina! Great that you are joining the charity run to support other future students.
03-04-2024 | 23:29
03-04-2024 | 17:20
11-03-2024 | 12:16