Will you help me raise money for future scholarship students?

Katharina Kappel

( Marathon 2024 )

from €40 (200%)

I am raising funds for scholarships awarded to talented international students who aspire to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam but lack the financial means to fulfill this dream.

A scholarship for one student costs €15,000. If everyone just gives a little of what they can spare, we can raise this amount of money for students to be able to follow an education they deserve. This way, we are investing in their future education and development, which is a fantastic cause and one of the most meaningful contributions to society.

I wanted to run the Rotterdam Marathon anyways (it's also my first one, so let's hope it goes well) and thought why not do it for a good cause on top? So now I'm trying to prepare to make it through 42 km thorugh lovely Rotterdam:)

Would you like to contribute to this noble cause? You can make a donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button!

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