Achieving a peak for something good!

Kuba Janusz

( Marathon 2024 | Member of team: EUR Roadrunners )

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I'm Kuba and I love running. Since last year I am a member of association EURRoadrunners and one of our mottos is 'achieving your peak together'. It is really relatable and running with others, with your friends is a great fun! It can be even better when you are having fun by accomplishing a great challenge for other people!

That is why I participate in the Charity Run. I want to do something good by achieving my personal goal. I want raise money for scholarships for future students - it is a very important cause. Education is crucial and should be available for everyone. I want to equalize the opportunities and help as many people as possible to pursue their dreams!

So, help me to do something good and let's run for more equal opportunities!

Thanks :))


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