Why is the goal of Erasmus Charity Run so close to my heart?

15-02-2024 | 18:00

In only two months, the streets of Rotterdam will be filled with participants of the 43rd edition of the NN Marathon and just like in the past 8 years, students, staff and alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam will join the event to run for a good cause.

Erasmus Charity Run, officially a part of the NN Marathon Rotterdam, brings together those who want to combine their passion for running with a desire to make a positive impact. Our collective mission is to raise funds for scholarships to help ambitious students pursue their educational dreams. I am personally committed to this cause, as it resonates deeply with my own journey.

Since I have never received any scholarship myself, I worked through most of my student life to make ends meet. While some may see balancing work and studies as a valuable lesson, the reality brought constant challenges. Juggling university with part-time jobs helped me improve my time management and organizational skills, along with many other things which I would have never learnt in any class. Working early shifts at some jobs and late night at others toughed me up. On the other hand, the financial stress of self-reliance took a toll on my sleep and impacted my performance at university and other aspects of life.

Despite the challenges, these years have been profoundly enriching. Studying at Erasmus University not only equipped me with knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly open many doors in the future but also allowed me to become a part of a diverse global community, fostering my adaptability and open-mindedness.

I am fortunate that with the help of my parents, I could afford to pay the tuition fee and all the living expenses but unfortunately for many international students it isn’t the case. The funds raised through the Erasmus Charity Run could support talented students aspiring to study at Erasmus University. I invite you to consider sponsoring my run (even with a contribution of just 1 euro), if you would like to help ambitious young people lacking the financial means to fulfil their educational dreams.