Running to support student scholarships

Matthew Harvey

( 1/4 marathon 2024 )

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I have to admit I enjoy running. And I love Rotterdam too. So it's not a chore to run round this wonderful city with half of the inhabitants cheering you on. But I'd still like to ask for your support, not for me, but for a wonderful cause. Erasmus Chrity Run enables runers of all kinds to participate in the Rotterdam MArathon (and 1/4 marathon) and raise money for student scholarships. These funds are available to those in most need (you can read Atakan's story here: The only thing as important to me as running is education the next generation, and making the best quality teaching available to as many people as possible. So with this opportunity to hlep me combine both things, please hlep me support students in need.  

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15-02-2024 | 13:58
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11-01-2024 | 21:27 Thank you for inspiring me to run, let’s do this 💪
08-01-2024 | 17:43 Support student scholarship to invest in our future in education