Will you help me raise money for future scholarship students?

Mátyás Csapó

( Marathon 2024 | Member of team: EUR Roadrunners )

from €40 (265%)

My name is Mátyás from Hungary. Running is my passion, therefore I have been an active member of EUR-Roadrunners since November 2022. I am raising funds for scholarships awarded to talented international students who aspire to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam but lack the financial means to fulfill this dream.

A scholarship for one student costs €15,000. You and I can make their dreams come true by raising money through the Erasmus Charity Run. This way, we are investing in their future education and development, which is a fantastic cause and one of the most meaningful contributions to society.

Would you like to contribute to this noble cause? You can make a donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button!

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