You pay, I run, they study! Help me raise funds for scholarships ❤️

Nathaniël Papilaja

( 1/4 marathon 2024 | Member of team: ESHCC Dream Team )

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Hello friends of the internet and beyond! 🌍 So, check it: I'm on a mission to make some serious waves in the world of scholarships by running a quarter marathon in Rotterdam! And with your generous donations you can help talented international students who dream of studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam make their Rotterdam dreams come true!

A scholarship for one student costs a hefty €15,000 (yikes I know!!!), but fear not, because together we can totally get those coins rolling! By joining forces and participating in the Erasmus Charity Run we're not just raising funds; we're investing in the future of these bright young minds 💡. 5 years ago I was given the chance to study abroad as well, partly funded by different scholarships and their genorous donors. I can tell you that these are life-changing experiences that I wish for any student in the world to have.

So, if you're down to be a part of something awesome and make a real difference, hit that "Donate Now" button. Let's turn those dreams into reality, one kilometer at a time!🏃
In the meantime I will keep on training and hope to make you all proud!

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14-04-2024 | 08:04 So proud of you xo
13-04-2024 | 13:29
13-04-2024 | 12:03 Ren ze gek schat!!
13-04-2024 | 11:59 💯💯 gogo goo
09-03-2024 | 07:25