Radu is raising money for student scholarships!

Radu Panciuc

( 1/4 marathon 2024 | Member of team: Blue Runners )

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I have studied Supply Chain Management at Rotterdam School of Management thanks to a generous organization which offered me a scholarship to cover tuition and living costs in the Netherlands.

14 years later, I am still grateful to have had this opportunity to study and eventually start my career in Supply Chain in The Netherlands. 

Now I can return the favor and raise money for students who can't afford to study here. One student scholarship is around 15,000 Euros per year. If you help me raise money and donate more than 35 Euros, your name will be printed on my running shirt for the Erasmus Charity Run.

Donations can be done using the button below!


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13-04-2024 | 18:17
22-03-2024 | 16:44 In order to help the students in difficulty
21-03-2024 | 10:25
05-03-2024 | 08:20 I know Radu and I want to support his cause.
04-03-2024 | 16:52
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Cold but Fun

20-01-2024 | 19:28 Running during cold winter months is not great but could be fun: slippery roads, frozen fingers, steaming like an old train.Today I started my official training for #CPC Den Haag and Erasmus Charity Run 2024. It was a short run (5 KM) but hopefully I will be able to build up the distance and tempo until March/April.  Temperature was around 0 degrees with some cold wind from the north. The difference running against and with the wind is quite big: when running against the cold wind you really feel it breaking through your skin and you have to wear proper clothing. Once direction changes, there is suddenly no need for a hat, gloves or anything to protect the exposed areas. At that point, I started to feel my fingers again... The great thing about running in freezing weather is that you really need to run to be somewhat comfortable.
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