Run Chicken Run: Sprinting Towards Skillful Futures!

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At LifeVersity, we are all about easy access to 21st century skills 🚀, which means we are all about accessible higher education too! This year, we thought it would be a great start to join unskilled running forces with experienced ones and make an impact. We are lacing up for something extraordinary—the EUR Charity Run .

Here's the deal

Each scholarship costs €15,000.00 per year—😱 yes, we know... — But that amount can bring immense value to an international student's life and future career. By supporting us in the Eramsus Charity Run, you're not just donating; you're investing in young talent and supporting accessible education for the next generation!

Who's running?

  • Our core trio – they came up with the challenge... Why? Because we stand for getting out of your comfort zone to make an impact! None of them run besides sprinting to catch that last minute tram at the Woudestein stop.
  • Our amazing trainers and friends – who are all fairly seasoned runners and who all stand for self-development and self-improvement, and making an impact!

And Here's a Fun Twist:

If we hit our milestone of €2,000, one of our brave core team members will embrace the spirit of challenge and change—and run dressed as a chicken 🐔! Yes, you heard that right. It's not just about making strides in education; it's about having fun and making memories while we're at it.

Ready to Make a Difference?
Donate today and let's run this race, not just for the thrill, but for the impact we can create. Because at LifeVersity, we believe in education for all, one step, one scholarship, and one chicken run at a time! 🐔

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