From Couch to 10K: Let's support international students!

Laura Mantilla

( 1/4 marathon 2024 | Member of team: LifeVersity )

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I'm Laura, the head of marketing and communications at LifeVersity. If you know me, you know running and I have always been like oil and water – we just don't mix. But when Matt pitched the idea of running for scholarships to inspire students at EUR to step out of their comfort zones, something clicked. After all, isn't that what LifeVersity is all about?

As a well know productive procrastinator, I've had "training for 1/4 marathon" on my calendar for months, but somehow it never translated to reality. Then, 3 weeks ago I got sick and I've been a couch potatoe binge watching anything available on Netflix. But here's the thing about comfort zones: stepping out of them isn't supposed to be easy, and it's not about being perfectly prepared; it's about showing up despite the odds.

So, here I am, with virtually no training, ready to put my all into this run. I still hate running, and I'm definitely not prepared (like... not at all) but because I believe in what we stand for – making education accessible to all.

It's okay to dive into something new and challenging (at least for me), even if you're not fully prepared. If we manage to raise €2,000 as a team, you'll even see one of us running dressed as a chicken, adding a bit of humor and smiles to the race.

Your support, whether through donations or encouragement, means the world to us and the students we aim to help. Together, let's make education accessible for everyone, one step, one donation, and one (untrained) marathon at a time.

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