Help me raise funds for scholarship fund, I'll run for it :)

Matt Hrursc

( 1/4 marathon 2024 | Member of team: LifeVersity )

from €40 (300%)

Hello there!

I only run when I'm catching a train or I'm late for an appoitment, no exeptions. Now I'll run 10k for an appoitment with my LifeVersity team at the finish line (Hopefully I won't be late though). All with a goal to raise funds to provide access to higher education to talented individuals that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it.

Your donnation can make a difference and make a world a tiny bit brigher place. 

Furthermore, if we reach our goal, I'll run this marathon in a chicken costume. 

Now it's time to contribute to this great cause. You can donate via the donate now button!


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12-03-2024 | 23:43 Thank you for wishes and support Mirjam, I'm matching the donation :)
12-03-2024 | 20:01 Run rooster run! Wonderful that you’re participating Matt. It’s a very nice event. Good luck and enjoy!
12-03-2024 | 15:42 Match donation for Dana, thank you :)
11-03-2024 | 18:12 I would love to see Matt run in a chicken suit. :)